Futur Antérieur is a time of french conjugation where the past is seen as the future. This idea of withdrawal and loops over time is perfectly illustrated by this drawing / aquerelle by Marlow Moss.
Future and past combine and overlap, like a "Boucle Infinie" (infinite loop).
A time where future is past... could that be a secret message ? Other hints might hide in the lyrics, where the word "Effacer" (vanishing) is used in several songs... Note that the band doesn't appear directly anymore in the video, where Quelque Chose S'Efface is too dark to see, and La Cité Des Aveugles digitalised the band into separate screens...

Original drawing was realised by British Constructivist artist Marjorie Jewel "Marlow" Moss (29 May 1889 – 23 August 1958) in 1944.


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