The cover of the CD, shows a collage of photographs of the band into geometric shapes. The whole is a square, with the name of the band above and the title of the CD below. This is simply the replacement of colors by monochrome (blue) photographs into the cut spaces, of the cover of the first issue of design magazine/manifesto De Stijl. The shapes used for the CD artwork are not exactly the same as the ones of the original painting, because it has to show some important elements of the band members' faces, especially eyes and mouths. The name and logo of the magazine is replaced by Celluloide's logo. The title of the CD replaces the names of the magazines contributors, below the painting. Initially it was supposed to be the place of the song titles, but the proportions made the whole cover two big to fit in reasonnable size in to the 12x12 cm of the CD booklet specifications.

Original painting was realized in 1917 by hungarian painter Vilmos Huszar (1884-1960), who worked in Netherlands.


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