Though this is an original design, it could be interesting to know how and why it was made. After having explored the 20's and 30's avant garde design to situate it in our modern computer world, the band had a reflection on what is the most representative visual tool of this modern age we're living in. The answer is 3D technology of course! So some perspectives and 3D dispositions still using minimal forms and construction were experimented. This is one of these experimentations which was perfectly representative for the Bodypop EP mini album: first because once again the main colour changed: Naive Heart was blue, Words Once Said was red, now the new album will be green! But also because Bodypop EP has to be seen as a first step between Celluloide previous releases and the forthcoming new album, including a new dimension to their sound, with more clearly audible EBM influences. So the design of the CD illustrate this link between 2D and 3D: Perspective! It is not 3D yet, but it shows a new direction, new points of view.


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