The artwork of the CD is strongly inspired by the magazine cover of Wendingen issue n?5. The red shape is idential but include the band name logo in white letters. The original magazine name was replaced by the EP name, using the black color and another typographic font, in order to give not too much importance to it. It's maybe funny to notice that once again the choice of the substitution font is strongly into the avant garde movement as it is the one created and still used for London Underground signalisations. The original artwork shows in background a crossing of lines (that follow the same angle as the red shape): this is in fact a map, a sky view of of somewhere in the Netherlands, maybe Amsterdam (?) as indicated by the plane in the bottom. To stand into the modern and electronic age, this background was replaced for the CD design by another map made of crossing lines: a integrated circuit scheme.

Original painting was realized in 1930 by dutch architect Jan Frederik Staal (1879-1940).


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