Naive Heart

debut album Limited Edition
24 track double CD


After three 5-track MCD, Celluloide debut album 'Naive Heart' features 12 pure synthpop songs, including 'A Lie', 'Wounds Of Love' and 'Seven And Forever', the title tracks of the previous demoCDs of the band. The second CD, is a limited numbered edition of the 'experimental-synthpop' album, with alternative versions of the same 12 tracks. The concept of the experimental project is to keep the vocal part from one version to another to preserve the synthpop naive heart of the song.


1 . A Lie 7 . Seven And Forever
2 . Someone Like Me 8 . Missing Words
3 . Pretty Girl 9 . In Contempt of Common Sense
4 . Wounds Of Love 10 . The Reed
5 . Blessed Charms 11 . The Paradox Of The Mirror Girl
6 . Sixth Sense 12 . It Needed And End